(Bill Haber/AP)

The point guard did an 11-minute interview with ESPN 980’s Laron Profit this week, and midway through, Profit asked him about the “having fun” issue.

“At the beginning [of the season] it was tough,” Wall acknowledged. “All the expectations of what I said throughout the summer, of what I wanted to be and what I wanted my team to do and be in the playoffs — when you hold yourself accountable to those things and you come out and you’re not doing it...it’s tough on you.

“Because then you try to force the issue, try to do stuff that you’re probably not used to doing to try to lead the whole team, and that’s something I’m not ready to do as a player right now. You know, I can play, but I’m not ready to lead, so I wasn’t having as much fun. And I put it on myself, holding myself accountable for how we started out the season.”

Wall also said that he wants to create his own legacy, and like Derrick Rose, “I don’t like to recruit nobody.” But Wall also suggested that things were on the mend in Washington, and that with Nene in the fold, this would be a more attractive sell to prospective free agents.

“To start and have people that want to consider even coming to Washington, you’ve got to have a low post presence and you’ve got to have a point guard,” he said. “And I think we have those. We’ve just got to get used to playing with each other, finish out the season strong and prepare for next year...

“I think I’m a great point guard that likes to get my teammates involved, can take over games if need to, but it’s more important to have your teammates into the game. I think we’re taking the right steps in the organization, adding the pieces here. The city is great, you’d like to be in the nation’s capital, and I’ve heard when the playoffs is rocking here, it’s crazy. So that’s something I could get used to, and that’s a situation you want to be in and enjoy.”

And Profit also asked Wall about playing an entire season without a national television date.

“That’s the toughest thing, man I’m so used to being on TV and used to having fun,” Wall said. “Not seeing no TV games, you was like ‘Dang, not at least one?’ You know what I mean, just one?

“When you don’t have a team that’s winning, nobody really wants to see you on TV. Luckily somebody that can afford the NBA package can watch you, but that’s it. It’s tough man; you want to be on TV, you want to do those things, but you’ve just got to work. You’ve just got to work. We’ve got great talent, we just need to put it together as a team. As a young team, we have to play as a team, we have to play hard every minute we’re out there.”