(Via HoopsWorld.)

Wrote Leonsis:

We have changed up the team roster and make-up completely. We will enter season three of our ownership with an entirely new lineup from when we acquired the team....

 That was a very fast makeover. Perhaps the most change in lineup of any NBA team in that period of time. Now we have to work very hard to create chemistry, culture and systems for an entirely new lineup.

I would agree: fast makeover. As The Sporting News’s David Steele pointed out, every player from the infamous Finga Gunz photo is now gone, as are the uniforms they wore.

And as the longest tenured Wizard, Wall seems to be a bit more comfortable talking as a leader.

“I’m very confident,” he told HoopsWorld from Vegas, while his hipster glasses were tucked into his shirt. “I mean, the organization, the general manager, the owner and the coaching staff are doing a great job. Now it’s just up to us the players to go out there and execute what they’re giving us and play our best.”

The man with the mic then asked Wall if it was time for him to make the playoffs.

“Yeah, it’s time for me to be in the playoffs, it’s time to be an All-Star,” Wall said. “It’s all those type of things that I’ve been wanting and wanting [for] this organization, to help the Wizards get better. So it’s all up to me to lead my team and us to get better.”

(Perhaps not all that much different from Wall telling Michael Lee, “We have a great chance now to make the playoffs,” but I think every Wizards “playoff” mention is worth its own item.)

(See the video here, via @holdenradio.)