After the Wizards beat the Celtics on Monday night in their home finale, John Wall told reporters that playoffs are the goal in 2012. In his post-game interview with Comcast SportsNet’s Chris Miller, the rookie was a bit more declarative.

“Next year’s gonna be a lot better,” Wall said. “Us maturing, us being healthy, us got guys that want to fight. That’s all we wanted to do is just come out here and get a win on our last home-court game, and just come out next year and have a better season. And we’re gonna be in the playoffs, that’s for sure.”

Then Wall was asked the fans who stuck with the team.

“Thank you so much, man,” he said. “Just keep supporting us. We know it’s a tough time, being injured. I think I would have had a better year without being injured, some of my teammates would have did better.

“But we just have to trust each other, and it’s a rebuilding process. And I love my coaching staff, I want them to be here next year. I love our general manager, and Ted Leonsis, the owner. He told me before, it’s gonna take learning experience time. And everybody just stick with us. It’s gonna get better.”