The business novice might think it’s gonna be hard for John Wall to have a breakout sophomore season in the NBA this year if there’s no season in the NBA this year.

The smart marketers, though, realize that with a year-two ZigEncore shoe already designed, you might as well promote it, and get ready for the breakout.

“Power your breakout,” even, as the ad puts it

“The first thing you notice about John is speed,” the shoe’s designer says in another Reebok spot. “We had originally designed the shoe has a high-top; this is a low-top. More court feel, more stability. The shoe performs. As we watched more of him, we got a better understanding of his game.”

“I just want to be the best point guard ever to play the game,” Wall says in that spot.

There’s a photo of a breakout display, via Wall’s Twitter, below.

(Via Dime Mag.)