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So there would seem to be no obvious answer here.

“Neither Rex Grossman nor John Beck distances himself from the other,” read The Post headline.

“We’re going to evaluate them all the way through camp, all the way through the last preseason game and possibly up until the day before we play the Giants. It all depends on if someone separates themselves,” Mike Shanahan said.

“Thursday night’s 34-31 loss to the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium did little to resolve anything,” Dan Daly wrote. “They pretty much played to a draw in the third game.”

At least one writer saw things differently; “Rex Grossman took a clear lead over John Beck in the battle to become the Washington Redskins’ starting quarterback,” Rick Snider wrote.

And at least one television commentator saw things even differently. That would be this guy Jon Gruden, who anointed this guy Beck the starter sometime during the third quarter. In fact, this guy Gruden had quite a few nice things to say about this guy Beck. A compilation:

Beck’s First Throw

“Excellent throw, great start for John Beck, who’s one of the best-kept secrets in pro football. Nobody knows much about John Beck.”

Tim Hightower’s Long Touchdown Run

“That says a lot to me, not only about Hightower but John Beck. He came in here and got this offense going. Three plays, 80 yards, touchdown....Phenomenal run by Hightower, but I just felt John Beck came in there and shot this place full of energy. You saw a different job in the play-calling, they took the shot, you see the stronger arm of a John Beck, you see a go route, you come back with a deep pass to the left, it sets up the defense for the running game.”

Back-to-Back Completions

“I’ll tell you what’s impressive about these last two throws of John Beck: you see the athleticism. You don’t know what happened to John Beck in the last three years, but you do know he acquired knowledge, and he may have gotten a lot stronger. But watch the athleticism, to throw the ball from an awkward delivery and accurate. That’s back-to-back throws from John Beck. Impressive after an interception.”

A Completion To Terence Austin

“John Beck, five-step, no hitch, BAM, ball’s gone. Ball’s thrown perfectly a foot in front of Austin’s number.”

A Short Hightower Run

“I just know what John Beck and Rex Grossman bring to the picnic here. Above the neck intelligence, total system understanding. Kyle Shanahan, Mike Shanahan’s son is the offensive coordinator. They ask a lot of these quarterbacks. They’re very fortunate to have two guys that can manage their system and play the game. Not a lot of guys can say that. I haven’t seen two quarterbacks come into a preseason game this year and look this sharp.”

A Touchdown Drive

“Everything Beck did on that drive, I liked. He scrambled for six yards, he beat the blitz, he audibled, he managed the running game. I’ve seen enough. I’m going on record tonight: that’s the starting quarterback of the Washington Redskins. I like the way he moves around. The guy really looks sharp to me. I’m going on record, I’m going with Beck. He impresses me....I just think physically, he’s the most impressive guy I’ve seen tonight.”

A Sideline Interview

“Those were impressive answers. You couldn’t have scripted it any better.”

(Note: Sometimes I confuse Gruden with Jaws. If any of these were Jawsisms, my apologies to the world.)