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The 6-foot-3, 315-pound Redskins lineman, who told me he “wasn’t wearing much; we’ll leave it at that,” blames the lack of a supporting cast for the poor reception.

“To be honest, I didn’t have a Patrick Swayze to back me up,” LeRibeus explained. “That might have had something to do with it. It’s hard to believe, but no one actually wanted to do it with me.”

Probably with good reason, I’d say.

“It was a horrible skit,” Niles Paul said when I asked him about it. “He got up there, started stripping and rubbing his shirt — I think it was his jean jacket — between his legs. It was a very provocative dance, but it was like, why are you doing that in a room full of men?”

“LeRibeus, it just looked disgusting. It wasn’t funny, it was disgusting,” Stephen Bowen laughed. “Nobody wanted to see that, a big ‘ol man doing that. But he gave forth an effort. He tried, I give him credit for that.”

To be fair, every rookie who had to go after Kirk Cousins was already at a disadvantage. His skit was apparently a hard act to follow.

“That was an incredible skit,” Paul said of Cousins’s now-famous Mike Shanahan impression. “I was in tears. He’s been in the doghouse [with Shanahan] for a couple of weeks, I assume.”

“Best skit I’ve ever seen,” Bowen added. “They were the first ones, so everyone [after that] is like, ‘You aren’t Kirk Cousins. Booo.’”

As for LeRibeus, the usual punishment for being booed off stage is having to perform again, but the super-sized rookie has a plan.

“I’m gonna go up there with a robe on and nothing else,” he said. “Hopefully if I threaten [to take it off], they won’t make me do another one.”

Good plan.


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