Josh LeRibeus is one of those guys that just looks like he belongs on the Redskins’ offensive line. There’s something about him, but I wasn’t sure what until he pointed it out yesterday on the Sports Fix.

LeRibeus explained that he’s been getting compared to a very important member of the original Hogs offensive line.

“Definitely some Russ Grimm references here and there. Some people found some old rivals pics with the porn ‘stache and, uh, just things along those lines. Definitely the aggressive play. At first I thought it was just because of the mustache and then you see his aggressiveness and the way he played. It’s turned out to be quite the complement.”

I hope LeRibeus knows that he has some very big shoes to fill.

It’s easy to see why his teammates are comparing him to Grimm. The guards, both 6-foot-3, do have a similar look.

Only one of them can rock that mustache, though.

(Getty Images/AP)