(Cliff Owen/AP)

It was a workout designated for receivers, so LeRibeus wasn’t on the invite list. But that wasn’t the only thing stopping him from going.

“I mean, it’s also Waco,” he said during a call-in on Friday with Holden and Danny on 106.7 The Fan. “So I’m not sure if I would’ve accepted the invitation.”

“There is nothing to do in Waco,” he continued. “I guess if you just want to go out and run and throw footballs, you can do that just about anywhere. But you want to be able to do something in your off time.”

LeRibeus was quick to admit that his quarterback might feel a little differently.

“I’m sure [RGIII] loves it down there. I’ve been living in Dallas for a while and now I’m in D.C. Waco just doesn’t quite compare.”

I’ve never been to Waco, but I’m pretty sure he’s right.

Here are a few other LeRibeus musings...

On why he’s enjoying the NFL so far:

“My favorite part so far is definitely the ‘no school’ aspect. I can go an entire day, from six in the morning to six at night as long as it’s football, lifting, working out, running on the field, you know, learning, watching film. What I can’t do from six to six is have to study there in the middle, you know, just class. I can do football all day long.”

On his welcome moment:

“I guess a good introduction was [Chris] Baker, one of our D-lineman. We’re sitting there at practice […] and we’ve only got our jerseys on. We got our helmets, luckily. And I’m there, I’m blocking him, and he just throws that big right hand of his and clubs, you know, I thought my head was going to just fall off.”

Here’s the full audio: