(Cliff Owen/AP)

Because of his transgressions, someone in the organization teasingly nicknamed LeRibeus “Sugar Honey Iced Tea,” the acronym of which is the word that kept getting him in trouble. Unfortunately LeRibeus himself wasn’t up on his Kelis songs, because he didn’t know what it meant.

“Just ‘cause I couldn’t catch on to it,” he laughed. “They were like, ‘Just think about it, just think about it.’ It took me about two weeks, but I figured it out.”

LeRibeus has been trying to clean up his language and says he’s been pretty successful. But nobody’s perfect.

“I still do it every now and then,” he admitted. “The ‘Sugar Honey Iced Tea’ is one I use a little bit. That one’s probably not gonna leave [my vocabulary]. It’s just hard not to say that sometimes. But the ‘F’ word has slowly been phased out. When I’m doing interviews and I’m about to say it, you’ll see me hesitate and try to think of something else.”

Sunday will be LeRibeus’s first pro game. He told me that he’s prepared and that the advice he’s gotten from the veterans has helped.

“It’s been more or less, keep on top of your [Sugar Honey Iced Tea] and just getting after it,” he said, before pausing and realizing he’d slipped up.

“See,” he said, shaking his head. “I did it again.”


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