Well, a few hours later, I had a call from a Redskins spokesman. He said the club was unauthorized to use the name “Redskins” or the names or likenesses of the players, that the team’s legal representatives would take appropriate steps, and that the ad in question had already been pulled from the club’s Web site.

And indeed, Stadium Club seems to have learned its lesson. Here’s an ad for an Easter Sunday event featuring new Redskins receiver Josh Morgan. I’m sorry, new “Washington Football Team” receiver Josh Morgan. Pictured here in full 49ers uniform.

Nothing to see here, Redskins legal representatives. Unless you’d like to see “a special birthday performance by the pole expert, Ms. Mona Marie.”

Note: It’s not Morgan’s birthday; he’s there for a “signing party,” presumably in honor of his deal with Washington Football Team.

(Via @RecordsANDRadio)