Undrafted rookie cornerback Chase Minnifield, who signed with the Redskins in early May, has been one of the positive stories coming out of minicamp. Fellow cornerback Josh Wilson is impressed – with Minnifield’s football skills, at least.

Asked by reporters after Tuesday’s practice, Wilson — who played college ball for the Terps — had some fun at Minnifield’s expense.

“Great, smooth young cat that can make plays,” Wilson said, via the Washington Times. “He didn’t go to a top-flight university. He went to the University of Virginia, so I can’t say his education was the best. But a great football player.”

After I showed Wilson’s comment to him on Wednesday, Minnifield just shook his head.

“University of Maryland, University of Virginia are both great schools,” he said, clearly taking the high road. “They aren’t very friendly on the field, but they’re great academic schools.”

Minnifield went on to say that they’re on the same team now, so there are no hard feelings. Still, I feel like some sort of Redskins academic challenge is in order.