Josh Wolff scored the first goal of D.C. United’s season Saturday evening, and then jumped shirtless into the Barra Brava, earning a caution and almost certainly a mild beer shower.

And you know what? Almost no one wrote about it the next day. Everyone was too busy writing about the Stanky Leg and the Cat Daddy and the incredible Charlie Davies redemption tour.

I mean, this has to be the most-ignored shirtless-in-the-crowd season-opening goal celebration in MLS history. For real. Plus, his ensuing yellow card showed up in at least some match reports as Josh Wolff (caution; Shirt Removal), which is awesome.

The folks from D.C. United.com asked Wolff about his shirtlessness, although I’m not sure he was asked about the number of times he was fondled. Anyhow, his response follows:

(Photos via here by Tony Quinn and here by Screaming Eagles.)