In case you are into the deep, deep intricacies of sports-talk radio contracts, I’m here to tell you that the Junkies, Mike Wise, LaVar Arrington and Chad Dukes have all re-signed multi-year deals with CBS Radio’s 106.7 The Fan, according to a station source. Wise’s co-host, Holden Kushner, was already under contract, meaning the station’s lineup will remain virtually unchanged going forward.

Bill Rohland, the George Mason play-by-play man who previously hosted the station’s Overtime night show, is now a part-timer. He will fill in on that show and others, as will funny man Danny Rouhier. And while LaVar and Dukes have indeed been doing their show from separate studios much of the time, they will be reunited once the entire operation moves to Lanham in the fall.

And since that’s all boring, and was mostly reported by DCRTV last week, I’ll also give you video of Wise doing his show opening, above. That’s not boring.