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Matt Myers — the 106.7 The Fan producer in question, whose stage name is Matt Valdez — agreed to the bit Wednesday morning, explaining that he has a high threshold for pain. The station couldn’t find “Hot Stuff,” which is what Stephen Strasburg used in his now-famous incident, so they subbed in Icy Hot, which is presumably similar.

I don’t have his full on-air comments, because they stretched over several segments, and I forgot my headphones, and I eventually got embarrassed of listening to various euphemisms for and jokes about private parts at a local Starbucks, but here are some of Myers’s comments.

“There, it’s on....I feel the cold....Oh yeah, here it comes....Ohhhhhhh baby....Whoaaaa....Like I’m barbecuing it....Oh, it’s pretty painful....It’s a cold, burning sensation. It’s pain....I’d say it’s an 8 [out of 10], a solid 8....It’s intermittent, the pain....All of the sudden, numb, numb, numb, and then boom, there’s a stinging. It helps if I squat down. If I stand it hurts....I’m sweating profusely.”

“No wonder [Strasburg] got shelled,” John Auville observed, as Myers described his discomfort.

A few hours later, Myers was on another 106.7 show with Holden Kushner and Danny Rouhier to talk about the experience.

“There was no blistering, but there was discoloration,” he said. “I don’t know how you could perform like that....After the initial pain — trust me, the pain was unbearable, it was awful — but after the pain went away...it’s just a little tingle, and the smell, and other than that it’s fine....What I noticed was the more you move, the worse it feels. I had to stay like a statue while I was running the board for the show, because if I moved my leg the wrong way, a new batch of the Icy Hot would rub all over.”

Of course, Strasburg didn’t likely apply a half-dollar sized dollop of Hot Stuff to anywhere, much less there.

Nats GM Mike Rizzo was also on with Holden and Danny, and while he mostly talked about serious stuff, he was asked about the Hot Stuff.

“I haven’t touched base with the staff about that yet,” Rizzo said good naturedly. “I’ll investigate, find out the information and get back to you next week. Ointment-Gate. I’ll check it out.”

(Listen to Junkies audio here, and Holden and Danny audio here. See the photo gallery here.)