So this exchange between Kevin Sheehan and Jurgensen during this week’s Redskins Radio Network’s pre-game show (as heard locally on ESPN 980) is probably worth a mention. This exchange came before Sunday’s loss, in which Grossman went 19-for-46, produced just one touchdown and recorded his 17th and 18th turnovers of the season, but still.

“Rex is playing well,” Jurgensen said. “Rex is throwing the ball, going downfield with the ball, they’re attacking people, and because of that, they’ve gotten it into the end zone. And when you go out to Redskins Park, Rex is just so confident in what they’re doing and how they’re going about it, and I think that’s infectious. I think the rest of the team is following his lead.”

 “You know what Sonny, a lot of fans have come to the conclusion that they don’t want to see Rex back,” Sheehan said. “They clearly don’t want to see Beck back next year, and they want quarterbacks drafted, they want quarterbacks signed. What is your gut on whether or not Rex will be back next year?”

 “I think he will be back,” Jurgensen said. “Why wouldn’t he be back? If you’re gonna get a young guy, you’re gonna have to teach him. Somebody’s got to be there to play and let him learn a little bit. You can’t just throw him in there to begin with, unless he earns that. But it would be better to have Rex here. If whoever they get they feel is ready to play, they will play him, and it’s good to have Rex, an experienced backup.”

 “I agree with you,” Sheehan said. “You realize that probably the majority of the fan base, when you say that, thinks to themselves, c’mon, that can’t possibly be the case. Do you think him playing well over these final five games is important, or do the Redskins even care at this point what fan reaction would be to that?”

 “I don’t think the decision will be made on fan reaction,” Jurgensen said. “Mike Shanahan will make that decision about whether or not  he feels it warrants bringing Rex back to be a security blanket for any young quarterback. Name somebody out there free-agent wise that you’d like to bring in? Name somebody. It really is hard. You’re gonna have to draft a young guy, and hope you can get him up to speed really quickly.”