But the part that slapped you in the face was the accompanying photo, showing Ledecky, as a toddler, in the year 2000, hanging out in MCI Center, with Ted Leonsis and Michael Jordan.

See, her uncle Jon is a friend and former partner of Leonsis’s, who was pictured in many Leonsis photos back in the day.

“Who knew the biggest star in the photo would be the young girl, aged two,” Leonsis wrote on his blog Monday morning.

Turns out The Post’s photo archive is well-populated by Ledecky images. In addition to another shot of her with MJ, there’s an image of a 5-year old Ledecky cheering on Notre Dame during the Irish’s 2002 triumph over Maryland in the BB&T Classic.

If you go to Stone Ridge’s Web site, by the way. you’re immediately greeted with Ledecky’s photo and the headline “Katie Ledecky is GOLDEN!!!”

(By Joel Richardson - TWP)