Anyhow, if you were worried about Kegasus — who made his debut last year at this time — worry no more.

Via a press release:

The Maryland Jockey Club today announced the return of Kegasus as Lord of the Preakness InfieldFest and centerpiece of its’ 2012 advertising campaign. Serving once again as the voice and personality for all InfieldFest advertisements, Kegasus will be found in all of the campaign’s components to include television, radio, out-of-home and web.

“We are excited that Kegasus is back and look forward to his character evolving in 2012,” Tom Chuckas, Maryland Jockey Club president said. “We experienced one of the most successful InfieldFests in history last year and are certain that Kegasus brought the spirit of fun and energy tailored towards a younger demographic.”

And just when you thought things were getting relatively back to normal, or as normal as a blog item about a press release about a centaur could be, things went off track again:

Apparently every great Centaur needs a sidekick, and this year Kegasus has equipped himself with UniCarl. UniCarl is part human, part unicorn, part personal assistant and part personal trainer. UniCarl and Kegasus met at the Genius Bar in the Towson Town Center’s Mac Store in May 2011 and have been traveling the world together ever since. He will be seen both in the television advertisements and promoting InfieldFest during the grassroots events.

Despite having been with Kegasus for nearly a year, UniCarl just started tweeting on Monday. His second message went like this: “To celebrate my coming-out-party, I’m grillin’ kebobs on my dome skewer. xoxo.”

So, yeah, horse-racing.