The first came in the bottom of the seventh, when Jesus Flores drew ball four on an inside pitch, the second of his at-bat. He took a moment to stare at Miguel Batista, as seen above.

“Oh, please,” Hernandez scoffed. “Cut the macho glare. C’mon.”

“Nobody’s trying to hit Jesus Flores,” play-by-play man Gary Cohen agreed.

Then in the bottom of the 12th, Nats pitcher Ross Detwiler twice tried to bunt high pitches with men on second and third.

“What is he DOING?” Hernandez asked after the first high strike. “What is he DOING? What a rockhead. Are you kidding me? That’s ball 3? Second and third and you’re BUNTING?”

Then it happened again.

“Ahahaha,” Hernandez said, more or less. “I don’t get this one bit. Davey’s just furious. Why doesn’t he have the third base coach come down and tell him, ‘you’re not bunting!’ This is ball 4! Oh my word!”

Detwiler, oddly, wound up walking.


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