Ken Harvey has done plenty of interesting stuff since retiring from football; for example, going to Haiti after the earthquake and promoting a space sport called Float Ball.

Still, even in the world of Ken Harvey, I think this counts as interesting. The former Redskins linebacker wrote on his blog that he has “received news that my first novel is in its finishing stages.” Novel, you say?

The title of my book is Xavier: A Hero No More. You can look at the cover to figure out that it is about a football player and you guessed it, he played for the Skins. It’s a suspense/thriller and while I’m no James Patterson or Tom Clancy, I’ve been told that it’s good.

Harvey writes that Xavier will have his own blog and Twitter feed, and while the latter hasn’t had much content lately, the former is already kicking. This is Xavier writing:

I’ve officially joined the league of fallen heroes. Today, I feel like the president and worst ever candidate for a special hall of shame and infamy for people who have made a living on a pedestal, and who have come crashing down. It’s a long fall. My granddaddy would say don’t let people build you up so high, because the same people who put you p there, will kick you down. Cynical old man. Wise old man.

Sounds cheerful. Harvey promises a book launch party and giveaways, and writes that “even if [the book] isn’t the best, that’s okay, it’s finished. I will endeavor to get it right over time.”