“All I would like to do is to sit down and have a conversation and be told why this is a bad idea for anyone,” Anderson said by telephone Wednesday. “If I can be given reasons why this isn’t a good idea, I’m open to listening. But when you can’t even sit down with anyone to have that discussion, it hurts everyone.”...

“I have no beef with Coach Thompson,” Anderson says. “I have the utmost respect for him. I know some people in this profession who would not have their jobs were it not for all the things he did years ago to open doors. I just want get this settled one way or the other before we move on. I’m open to changing my position if we start to have a dialogue on this.”

Later, Wise asked about “convincing every coach to honor a boycott that seems to hinder rather than kick-start a long-dormant rivalry?”

“If four of your brothers are allowed to sit at the table and eat and one isn’t, are you really a family?” Anderson asked.

Meanwhile, ESPN.com’s Andy Katz wrote a long piece on the rivalry issue, reporting via a source that “Maryland coach Mark Turgeon and Georgetown coach John Thompson III talked briefly last summer about possibly playing a game again between their two rival schools.” But Katz concludes his piece like this:

If this had been left up to Turgeon and JT3, there was at least a chance it could happen. Turgeon and JT3 don't have any animosity. But now that it has gone public, the odds are slim.

If the two schools schedule a game against each other, it will look like Georgetown caved in to a threat. The chances of a Thompson-led program doing such a thing are probably zero.

Like I said, 2047. Get your tickets now.