(Jonathan Newton - TWP.)

As long as he was there, the Junkies figured they should ask Anderson about the recent report — later strongly denied — that he was in talks with Stanford to become that school’s new AD.

“All right, let’s cut to the chase here,” Eric Bickel said to Anderson, after several minutes of Casey Cares talk. (Full audio here.) “Are you trying to leave? Are you going to Stanford? What’s going on here? Which one of your people leaked the information to the San Francisco Chronicle that you are leaving Maryland and you’re heading back home? A couple of us are Maryland grads. You cannot come in, fire all our coaches, and then leave us in a lurch like that.”

“I didn’t fire anybody,” Anderson replied. “I haven’t fired anybody.”

“The Ralph thing was a little weird,” Bickel said.

“This is where it gets awkward,” Jason Bishop chimed in.

“Well, I can tell you right now that people made choices, and everybody that was involved in that made a choice,” Anderson said.

 “You’re not leaving the University of Maryland, you’re not actively trying to leave here?” Bickel said, getting back to his question.

“No,” Anderson said, “no. In fact, I will share this with you, because what you do is part of being the media: I was very disappointed in the way that the situation has been handled [by the Chronicle]. No one from Stanford has talked to me. I haven’t talked to anyone from Stanford. And for that to be reported in my hometown newspaper — which I do miss, because I held it to high esteem until Wednesday — was very irresponsible.”

Anderson also told the Baltimore Sun that the Chronicle had been “irresponsible.” Oddly, the Chronicle’s lead Stanford blog item remains “Maryland AD Anderson said to be interviewing at Stanford,” from early last week.

Anyhow, the key part of the interview came when Anderson was asked about the odds he finishes his Maryland contract, which runs through 2015.

“I believe that if you want to bet on it, you’ll win the money,” he said.

“We’re about to do great things,” he later added. “We have done [great things], and we’re gonna continue.”