So this Drew League-Goodman League showdown....

First Sam Amick reported on that Kevin Durant, Baron Davis and others were working on setting up an exhibition game between the famous L.A. and D.C. summer league basketball circuits.

Los Angeles natives [Dorell] Wright and Baron Davis are handling the logistics. Wright says he wants to make it a “huge, huge, huge deal,” and the game is expected to take place on the court where the likes of Durant, John Wall, Michael Beasley and DeMarcus Cousins so often play in the inner-city D.C. neighborhood known as Barry Farm. Smiley said ESPN has shown some interest in airing the game. The best NBA players from both leagues are expected to team up with some non-NBA players. The trash talk already has begun.

So that’s fun. Then David Aldridge continued the thread in a long piece on the Goodman League, with more details:

The Goodman League and its Los Angeles version, the Drew League, are finalizing plans for a streetball showdown on Aug. 20 in D.C. The game is tentatively set to be at Georgetown University's McDonough Arena. The Drew has had the likes of Ron Artest, James Harden, DeMar DeRozan, Tyreke Evans and L.A. natives Nick Young and Jeremy Tyler come through this summer. Compton native and Cavs guard Baron Davis is handling logistics at his end; the D.C. squad will likely feature Durant, Michael Beasley, Cousins, [Gary] Neal, [Brandon] Jennings and [Josh] Selby, maybe Ty Lawson and Nolan Smith, among others. The trash-talking has already begun.

Well, that could be interesting. I mean, this is almost like having the NBA All-Star game come to D.C., except in a tiny Georgetown gym, and you won’t really know who’s playing until 20 minutes before tip, and David Stern won’t be pulling the strings.

For what it’s worth, I talked to Goodman League commissioner Miles Rawls on Monday, and he confirmed just about everything in Aldridge’s report, although he said Jennings would most likely play for the L.A. squad and said Ty Lawson was better than a maybe. He also said that JaVale McGee would likely play for the California side, while John Wall had expressed interest in playing for D.C. if he can be in the area on Aug. 20.

“It’s a go,” Rawls told me. “It’s definitely a go, it’s just a matter of where.”

Rawls said to expect an evening start (tentatively scheduled for 6:30), and said he’s supposed to have a conference call with the Drew League people this week, so the location has to come together soon. (Howard’s Burr Gymnasium would be a possibility if McDonough doesn’t work out.) He said both teams had agreed to mix lesser-known street players with NBA stars — Baby Shaq and “Travis from Bowie State” and the like on the D.C. side — and that they hope to make it an annual event, with a trophy that would be awarded to the reigning winners. And he said people in D.C. know what’s happening.

“The town is buzzing already,” Rawls told me.

The guys from @FSPCrewShow talked to Aldridge during his trip to the Goodman over the weekend and asked about the Aug. 20 game.

“That’s the biggest game of the summer right now,” Aldridge told them.