Note I: I went to Caddies on Wednesday night. Interesting place. Did not see any current or former MLB managers.

Note II: Kevin Kennedy had some strong words about Jim Riggleman. Here’s the former MLB manager and current SiriusXM/MLB Network Radio host, talking on Thursday:

“I’ll tell you this, I talked to a few players and I talked to Mike Rizzo at length, and the players and Davey Johnson, they’re pretty pleased,” Kennedy said. “There is no question he had lost the clubhouse way before this.

“And this didn’t come from Mike Rizzo; this came from a couple of players, and a couple of them played for me. I’m not gonna mention names, but I know ‘em well, a couple of these guys. They didn’t bash [Riggleman], but they said there was no doubt, there was a negative aura going on of insecurity — let me just put it that way — about his contract that was permeating from spring training to what happened the other day. So that’s the first thing, and I’ll leave it right there, ok?

“And what I can share from my conversation with Mike, who has been a friend for years and a good man on our show for a long time — and I won’t share what he told me because it’s not right that I do — but he gave me his side of it. And people can disagree with it or whatever, but there was a lot more to it than the way it came out.”

Well that’s interesting. For the record, Matt Stairs played for Kennedy in Boston, and Ivan Rodriguez played for Kennedy in Texas.