(Via @Jakob_Engelke, taken June 5.)

The above image is about a week old, but it shows that indeed, construction has started on a new turf field at Capital One Field at Byrd Stadium. (It’s via @jakob_engelke.)

(Dear Capital One: If I keep mentioning your name, can you please leak me the field designs? Thanks.)

And while Under Armour honcho Kevin Plank’s visit to the Baltimore Sun last week didn’t yield much in the way of concrete field details (or even turf field details), it seemed to confirm the idea that this project will result in something greater than a plain-old new field.

“How do we make a better field?” asked Plank, whose company is consulting on the project. “How do we make the coolest field in the country? And I mean that figuratively, and I mean that literally. The university, they are the ones that are making the decisions on what is happening down there. It’s a chance for us to help Maryland.”

The Sun’s Jeff Barker wrote on Twitter that Plank “meant the field would literally be cool — as in not hot when the temp climbs.” But you have to think that “figuratively” cool means, I don’t know, hologram turtles in performance gear hovering over every yard marker while dribbling a cool mist spray on the home team. Something like that.

“We’re going to see a lot of red and white this year,” Plank also told the Sun during this discussion. So make those holograms red-and-white, in your mind.

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