If Kevin Seraphin isn’t playing well, he could blame lack of nutrition. On Saturday he tweeted a pic of his dinner, clearly unhappy with the cost of his measly portion of salmon.

Via @kevin_seraphin

Monday night, things weren’t much better for the big man.

“What? For $21?” I heard from behind me in the locker room.

I turned around and Kevin Seraphin was sitting in front of his locker looking at a portion of pasta the size of his fist and shaking his head. To be fair, he has a sizeable fist, but he couldn’t believe he paid $21 for it.

 “They act like I’m rich,” he laughed.

Before every home game Seraphin orders his dinner from the same restaurant in Chinatown, but clearly he’s forgetting to tell them that he’s 6-foot-9, 275 pounds.

He looked at his dinner of protein-less pasta and then saw Nene sitting next to him with a plate full of chicken breasts.

“You got any chicken for me?” he asked.

Nene shook his head no and covered his food like a kid in the lunchroom.

Seraphin sighed, “I need to start bringing my food from home.”