Last season, when the Redskins finished the first half of their season 3-5, Bowen savaged them in his piece for younger readers, giving Mike Shanahan a D, the quarterbacks an F (“they are not good enough to be starting NFL quarterbacks”), the offensive line a D (“Coach Shanahan had better draft some offensive linemen”), the runners and receivers a D+ and the defense a C+. I don’t think you would have seen anything nearly that strongly worded in the Sports section.

Bowen was equally blunt in the 2011 preseason, when all of Washington likes to think happy thoughts.

Don’t let the happy talk of the preseason fool you. The team has a long way to go to be a Super Bowl team or even a playoff contender.

My prediction: I hope I’m wrong, but I think the Redskins record will be 6-10 again this season. Not so good.

The team went 5-11. Bowen was a lot closer than I was, and than many of my colleagues as well.

In November of 2009 Bowen carved the organization up, giving Daniel Snyder an F, the offense an F, Jim Zorn a D and spitting hot fire.

“For years, the Redskins have fooled themselves and their fans into thinking they were just a player or two away from being a championship team,” he wrote then. “It took years for the Redskins to get this bad. It may take years before they are good again.”


Anyhow, Bowen is back with his 2012 season preview for the elementary-school set, and it’s the harshest I’ve seen from any D.C. media member.

“For what seems to be the 10th year in a row, the offensive line is a problem,” he writes.

“They don’t have a runner who is likely to change the game on a single play,” he writes.

“26 NFL receivers had more yards than Garcon,” he writes.

“The team has new players [in the secondary] and no one stands out,” he writes.

“For years, the team has traded draft choices for that one player they hoped would take them to a Super Bowl,” he writes.

“Griffin will be fun to watch, but remember that he’s only one player. My prediction: four wins and 12 losses,” he concludes.

That is strong, strong stuff. From KidsPost. Sorry, kids. Blind optimism is for suckers, and grown-ups.

(Via Reader John.)