“If I’m going to be as good as I hope to be, my opportunity will come and then the cream always rises to the top,” Cousins told reporters last week.

During a recent interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network’s 700 Club, Cousins framed his situation slightly differently.

“The fact that I’m here and this is where my future’s gonna be for now is a very unique thing, and I think it shows God’s hand on the process,” the rookie QB said. “I trust that He brought me here for a reason.

“And that reason may not be to be the starting quarterback for now, or to be the guy throwing touchdown passes on Sunday afternoons,” he continued. “It may be to be a servant, and to be a backup, and to serve Robert and the rest of my teammates however possible. But if that’s God’s plan, then it’s God’s plan, and it’s good enough for me.”

Jealousy, it would appear, will not be an issue for this particular backup. And you don’t usually hear backup quarterbacks describing their role as “to serve” the starter. Interesting guy.

“I believe that leadership, at the end of the day, is influence,” Cousins also told the network. “And I think that more than anything, as a Christian, I want to be able to influence my teammates for Christ. And that’s not going to change whether I’m the starting quarterback, or the third-string quarterback, or not even playing in the NFL.

“I’m still going to be a leader. I’m still going to influence people for Christ. And no matter what my role is on this team, I’m going to use that opportunity in the locker room each and every day.”