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Boswell addressed the matter in the first question of his Monday chat, and he didn’t mince words.

In my Sunday column I called the Redskins drafting of Kirk Cousins in the 4th round as “moronic.” I’d like to change my tune this morning: it was “utterly moronic.”....It shows such a stunning lack of basic understanding of the odds-of-success in the draft that you wonder where Draft Research stops and Egos On The Loose start in the Skins draft room.”

Whew! Gregg Rosenthal of NFL.com took a fairly different view:

Cousins fell out of the top 100 picks for a reason. He’s a backup. The Redskins reportedly had him rated as their third quarterback in the draft, so they took him for value. Maybe they will be able to trade him someday and maybe they won’t. But to insinuate Cousins could somehow make Griffin’s life more difficult is moronic.


Cousins, meanwhile, was on Dan Patrick’s radio show Monday morning, and he was asked about the phone call he got on Saturday.

“It was Coach Shanahan, and he said ‘Kirk, you’re just too good to pass up at this spot, we pick in about two picks and I’m gonna take you.’ ” Cousins said. “I was shocked, knowing what they had done with the No. 2 pick, and that I hadn’t talked to them that much in the whole process.”

“Shocked” is more dramatic than the “a little surprising,” which is what Cousins had said on Saturday.

Then Patrick asked Cousins if his job is NOT to create a controversy with the Redskins.

“I think it’s very important that Robert, myself, the Redskins as a whole, that we handle this thing the right way,” Cousins said. “And I was involved in a couple of quarterback competitions in college, so this isn’t my first time being around a situation like this. But I think the important thing to note is that we’re not competing against one another, we’re competing with one another, and we’re competing with one another to help the Redskins win football games. And who we’re really competing against are the Giants, and the Eagles and the Cowboys and the rest of the NFL. And that’s where our focus should be as far as competing.”

Patrick persisted, saying that as a competitor, Cousins must want to play.

“Well, I think the NFL is such an unstable future for all players involved,” the quarterback said. “Things change, people move around, people get injured, and so it’s hard to forecast anything right now or say this is what’s gonna happen. I’m gonna keep an open mind and understand that I have a chance to develop, I have a chance to work under Coach Shanahan...and that’s gonna be a great opportunity for me to learn and grow.”

Cousins told Patrick that he had expected to be taken by either the Broncos or the Eagles, so the host asked if he’d rather be a backup to Peyton Manning or Robert Griffin III.

“It’s a good question,” Cousins said. “I’ve been trying to figure that out going through this process. But certainly I still have the opportunity to learn from a nine-year veteran in Rex Grossman. I think the situation I’m in, I’m in it for a reason. So I’ve got to believe that being a Redskin is the best thing for me.”