(Alex Brandon/AP)

Still, Cousins’s impressive showing on Saturday at least elevated him to “One-on-One Locker Room Interview With Local TV Reporter” status, leading to a pretty good quote Monday afternoon.

“I think the goal is to hopefully, in the long haul, make Coach Shanahan look like a very smart man,” Cousins told WJLA’s Alex Parker, in an interview that aired on NewsChannel 8’s SportsTalk. “And I’m trying to do that each and every day. And hopefully we’ll be looking back 15 years from now, [and] people are gonna be saying to Coach Shanahan, What a smart pick, what a visionary, you saw a lot there in the long run. I’m hoping to make him look like a smart man.”

Parker also asked Cousins what it was like to be a backup for one of the few times in his life.

“I’ve been a backup before; I understand my role on the team,” he said. “I think my perspective is to play as well as I can in practices and preseason games, to where the coaches are getting together and saying Man, we can’t wait to see this guy in action, we can’t wait to give him an opportunity. I think that’s the perspective I want to have.”

Cousins also said that, despite going 18-for-23 with 264 yards and three touchdowns on Saturday, he found plenty to critique in his performance, from his footwork to his reads to his decision-making.

“It was great to come away from that stadium feeling good about what we were able to do in the second half, but you go back and you watch the film, you realize it’s never quite as good as you think it is,” he said.

“And there’s still a lot that I can learn from,” Cousins continued. “I want to make sure that — although it’s human nature to pat yourself on the back — I want to make sure that I stay humble and stay hungry, and keep working. Because that’s what’s gonna keep me in this league.”


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