For his rookie skit, Cousins did what, via Football Insider, is said to be a dead-on impersonation of Mike Shanahan. Josh Wilson was on 106.7 with Holden and Danny, and the first question they asked him was about Cousins and his performance.

“Cousins dressed up,” Wilson laughed. “He had some boat shoes on, some khaki shorts, golf shirt tucked into his pants, hair slicked to the side. I mean, he looked like an identical twin of Coach Shanahan. He tried to go get some tanning lotion but it didn’t work out.”

“It was right on,” he continued. “He had all his famous quotes out and all his repetitive sayings he comes through with. It was on point. I haven’t laughed like that in a while.”

Cousins was on the Sports Fix on 980 today, and again, the first question was about his Shanahan impression.

“All the jokes I said were inside jokes,” he explained. “Unless you were sitting in on team meetings they wouldn’t really be funny to you. I just used a lot of the phrases that coach uses. Players like Jerry Rice and Shannon Sharpe are who he constantly reminds us of and the greatness they exhibited day in and day out. Just referenced that, and obviously if you’re impersonating somebody you take it to the furthest level, so I just had a lot of fun with that.

“The lines that he uses around us are ‘Work your butt off,’ he’ll say that 15 or 20 times during a meeting. How ‘it takes everyone in this room,’ or how ‘the 3-4 defense is such a great defense and that’s why we run it in D.C., because it’s so hard to go against as an offense.’ So I took that to the next level and said those phrases over and over and over. Guys obviously have heard that many times and they find something like that pretty funny.”

Making fun of the coach is a gutsy move, and Cousins made sure he gave Shanahan a heads up.

“Before I went and did it, I asked permission and wanted to make sure it was okay with him and he said, ‘Oh, yeah. That’s fine. But I want to let you know that usually guys who do impersonate me in training camp end up being gone at the end of camp.’”

Shanahan, who told reporters that he got a kick out of it, apparently had a little fun of his own.

“Coach Shanahan got [Cousins] back yesterday,” said Wilson. “He put up a list of guys who hadn’t been jogging off the field or running through the line, you know, we always have a run and you can get fined for that. Cousins ended up getting a $40 million fine. So he’s gonna owe the Redskins a lot of years to have to pay that fine off.”


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