So it was on Wednesday, when Roger Bernadina’s catch led the “WORD UP” segment on PTI. Tony Reali asked Kornheiser and Wilbon for a word to describe the Roger Bernadina catch that put the Nats 24 games over .500 for the first time in 79 years and gave Washington its fourth straight win and baseball’s best mark.

“It was Copperfieldian, as in the magician David Copperfield, because he disappeared when he was making his catch,” Kornheiser said. “He goes behind some big post. You don’t know if he caught it or he didn’t catch it. It ends up that Bernadina did catch the ball. And that propelled Houston to its 32nd loss in its last 36 gamers and now 0-11 in extra -inning games. A disaster. Houston’s a disaster.”

“Well the first thing it is, Tony, here where I am in London, it’s non-existent,” Wilbon countered. “There’s no baseball highlights. I’ve been here 15 days and there’s no baseball. They’ve got cricket! I’ve got cricket, all right? If you want cricket highlights, I can tell you what’s going on in the league. Baseball, not exactly. It’s party-pooping. This was gonna be the first extra-inning victory for the Astros all season, and it was gonna be their fifth win in 36. It was a party-pooping catch. C’mon. Feel for the ‘Stros.”

Thus concluded this week’s example of how it’s cool to have two D.C.- based sports columnists bringing D.C. sports stories to the national consciousness.

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Teammates react to Bernadina’s catch

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