Remember London Fletcher’s pre-game speech at the center of Cowboys Stadium? Here it is, in case you’ve forgotten, via Mister Irrelevant. The words went something like this:

You all know why we come to the middle of the field? Because this is our house. This is our house. It don’t matter where we play or who we play, it just matters HOW WE PLAY.

Except said in a tone of voice generally reserved for epidemic emergency situations where if you don’t convince the 13-year old kid to leave the house within 3.1 seconds, he will be infected with killer alien death worms.

Anyhow, the speech never really figured much into ESPN’s coverage of the Redskins-Cowboys game, but it popped back up on the network’s PTI program, when Tony Reali asked Tony Kornhesier and Michael Wilbon to provide one word to describe it.

“I’ve heard enough, I’ve heard enough,” Kornheiser said, as the clip played. “It is TO-esque. They’re right on the star like T.O. was when he was with the 49ers. George Teague knocked T.O. off the star. Where are the Cowboys to knock the Redskins off the star? I know they beat ‘em late, but they should have knocked them off the star.”

“It’s certainly unoriginal, because of all those things you mentioned,” Wilbon said, after some back-and-forth. “Team after team after team has tried to do something to, you know, ‘dis the star,’ so this is not original, It’s not ‘your house.’ You know, what are you talking about? It’s just unoriginal and and sort of boring. Come up with something better and more creative.”

At least one Redskins player was tuned into this segment, and seemed not to agree with the chosen words.

“Talkin about huddlin on the star before the game on #pti,” Evan Royster wrote on Twitter. “Done before every game but they wanna talk about it cuz its the star.”