“He’s the starter, period,” Shanahan said.

Four words. Done deal. And I don’t imagine a single Redskins fan in the world had an issue with this. But by Monday afternoon, it was being debated on PTI.

“Tony, is this a football move or a public relations move?” Wilbon asked Kornheiser.

“It’s both, but at the moment it’s mostly a public relations move,” Kornheiser responded. “There’s NO reason to name a guy after rookie minicamp. That is ridiculous. The reason Mike Shanahan did this is because he finally got his ear to the ground and realized people in Washington were very upset that he drafted Kirk Cousins in the fourth round, because it appeared to undermine Robert Griffin III.”

“Yes,” Wilbon agreed.

 “And nobody was sure how he really felt about RGIII, so he said you know what, I’m coming out right now,” Kornheiser finished.

“And that’s called PR, because that has nothing to do with football,” Wilbon said. “It’s smart PR, but it’s always late with the Redskins. And this is why I’ve sounded a repeated theme for the past 10 years: their judgment is so flawed, and the overcorrection attempts by the Redskins...come every other day. They goof up something and get something stupid wrong, and then they come back with a PR move to cover it up. They always do this, Tone....

“You know what they should do? They should play RGIII, Rex Grossman III a game or two. Don’t declare anything. Let’s see how they look.”

I mean, the public response to this will be 120 percent in favor of Shanahan and against Wilbon — even if Kurt Warner sort of agreed — and people will say that Wilbon is forever biased against all D.C. sports teams, etc. etc., so I’ll just add that they also talked about Bryce Harper vs. Cole Hamels during Monday’s show.

“I’m with Rizzo for backing up his young stud star, who by the way right now is the most exciting thing in baseball,” Wilbon said.

“Cole Hamels is a credentialed guy, he was the MVP of the World Series, and he acted like a chump,” Kornheiser said. “He drilled a guy in the first inning. Who died and made him the commissioner, that he would say welcome to the big leagues, punk? And then you know what happened? Bryce Harper clowned him.”

 “He stitched him a clown suit, as Whitlock would say,” Wilbon added.