(Nick Wass/AP)

“If it had been Rubio, who knows, John Wall might not have been here,” Coach Flip Saunders said. But at least two prominent media types would take that trade.

“Would you rather have Ricky Rubio or John Wall?” Michael Wilbon asked Tony Kornheiser on PTI Monday afternoon.

“Right now? Today? Right now, today?” Kornheiser responded. “Yes, I would, I’ll tell you why. John Wall, right now, today, can’t shoot, AND he’s a turnover machine, AND he’s completely out of control when he goes to the basket. Ricky Rubio — who you thought was a complete donkey and couldn’t play at all — seems to have the ball in his hands in the fourth quarter of every game, because he knows how to make a pass. A point guard’s first responsibility: make the pass.”

:Let me apologize to David Kahn first; I ripped him for drafting Ricky Rubio and then making him the face of the franchise,” Wilbon then said. “Ricky Rubio can flat-out pass it, and I should have listened when Earvin Magic Johnson and Tony Ronzone [said so].

YES, I’d take him above John Wall right now. Fourteen assists yesterday. But John Wall has got NOTHING for teammates. Ricky Rubio has got guys who can finish. They go to the rim and put it down when he throws it up there. All apologies to Ricky Rubio, rookie of the year right now.”