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Kornheiser says RGIII’s debut means nothing else matters in D.C.

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You know what? Someone has to talk about next week....If you want to do the kid a sincere favor, refrain from calling him the greatest this or most that, until he’s had more than one start in the NFL. Until he plays against a defense that actually can game plan for him, now that it’s seen him.

And so on and so forth. Which led Tony Kornheiser to set forth on a glorious Wednesday morning rant, in which he criticized Jenkins for being a scold, talked about the chances he took by disdaining caution during the Bandwagon season, and said that RGIII’s debut now means that nothing else matters in D.C. sports. Here are the relevant parts:

“Sally admittedly argues for caution. My position, and the official position of this show, is different. . . . Could I have failed [in 1991]? Easily. Sure. I mean, it helped that they went 10-0 and then actually won the Super Bowl, and the Bandwagon continued. But why do you do something like that? Why do you start off like that? Because you can. Because something extraordinary happened.

“What’s the worst that’s gonna happen? That you’re wrong? If you can’t enjoy this. Everybody knows, intellectually, that something bad can and will happen down the road. If you can’t enjoy this week, if you can’t be welcomed into the land of unbridled optimism this week, you’re never gonna be able to feel that way. Sally’s being a scold....

“Isn’t this exactly what you wanted out of Griffin?...I mean, how many things have you had to cheer about in this way, where someone has exceeded the hype. Don’t tell me John Wall. John Wall doesn’t know how to play basketball. John Wall thinks it’s a track meet. He doesn’t know what he’s doing yet. The Nationals? Strasburg, Harper? Fine, but not like this.....

“You remember the Bandwagon? We did this every week. It was so much fun. Players loved it. Everybody loved it. People wrote in. We had letters. People offered bribes. Nothing’s better than getting a bribe in the mail. It was great. It was great. And again, the worst that can happen is you’re simply wrong. That’s all. You’re just wrong....

“I mean, they’ve had the Capitals, but the Capitals gag all the time in the playoffs. This is great. And there’s nothing — this is a football town. It’s a Redskins town, Ted Leonsis’s comments to the contrary. Everybody who’s been here more than an hour understands that.

“Is there room for other things in the draft of the Redskins? Sure, especially when the Redskins stink. But when the Redskins draft a quarterback who plays like this for one game, nothing else in the city counts. NOTHING else. NOTHING!!!!...

“Intellectually, we all understand that one game is nothing. Ryan Leaf won his first two games as a rookie. We don’t NEED TO BE REMINDED OF THIS. We don’t need to be scolded, essentially, for having a great feeling of excitement.”

I agree with just about all of that. Though I could do without the digs at every other pro team in the market. And the bragging about receiving bribes.

(Via @CBJinDC.)

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