Three weeks ago, Kris Jenkins was identified by Jason La Canfora as a “key target” for the Redskins in free agency; “ league sources would be surprised if the team didn’t land” both Jenkins and his brother, JLC wrote.

Two weeks ago, Jenkins retired.

And last week, Jenkins had transformed into a “key target” of the Redskins into a critic. Now, granted, he was sort of goaded into this by Colin Cowherd, currently the biggest anti-Redskins troll in the mainstream media, who pricked up his ears after Jenkins suggested the Redskins didn’t get everything out of Albert Haynesworth.

“I think the Redskins have such a bad culture, I don’t think anybody can succeed there,” Cowherd said. “And I think the Patriots have such a good culture that I could take a guy from the Redskins, I could put him in just a better family. I don’t think anybody right now can succeed with the Redskins, I guess is basically what I’m saying.”

Jenkins’s response?

“I mean, honestly, unfortunately, I do agree with you,” Jenkins said. “I mean, I don’t think that this is a sport that’s just easy enough to be successful at just because you can throw money at a situation, and I think that that’s something that [Daniel] Snyder has done.

“And I think that the situation that is going on with the Redskins starts at the top, unfortunately. When you’re throwing money at guys but you’re not doing the things necessary to motivate guys, get them in place to do things, then that starts showing a lack of coaching, a lack of motivation, a lack of being able to put your team together. And those are the things that fall on a coach and on a front office.

“So whatever problems that we see out there, they have definitely been exposed through that. I don’t understand how you could have a quarterback that is as charismatic and such a leader as Donovan McNabb and go through the things that you [went] through with him, unless there was a situation where it was him vs. Shanahan’s son. And that’s kind of the rumor mill that I’ve heard when I’ve been around D.C., around my family and friends, that it was just one of those situations that Shanahan wants to push his son forward through everything.”

The people who think I’m too hard on the Redskins will say that Jenkins (and Cowherd, and me) are too fixated on the past. And Jenkins, clearly, never had a chance to say yes or no to any offers from the Skins. It hasn’t seemed like these perceived problems have chased off many potential free agents this offseason. Still, that such a perception continues to exist among players is interesting, if nothing else.