(Via MASN.)

But alas. Suzuki isn’t trying to be punk-rock or goth, or to harken back to his youth, or to brighten up the dreary hours in front of a plate. And he isn’t even wearing finger-nail polish. No, he’s being all practical and mature.

“Last September, [two friends] introduced a new product called Game Signs, colorful stickers catchers could painlessly apply to their nails and discard instantly after the game,” Fox Sports Wisconsin reported in April.

This product is intended to help pitchers more clearly differentiate the catchers’ signs, you see. And the stickers are easy to remove without affecting a catcher’s grip on the baseball, unlike polish or athletic tape.

Presumably, Suzuki’s bright yellow color choice is particularly easy to see, but it also matched his old Oakland A’s jerseys. Proper punk-rock etiquette demands that he should get some bright-red Natitude-laced nail stickers in the near future.