On Sunday, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan made it clear that Robert Griffin III would be the Redskins starter. Kurt Warner appeared on NFL Network’s NFL Total Access and said he disagrees with the timing of the announcement. Or maybe he doesn’t.

“I wish they would have waited a little bit longer. We all understand the pressure that this young man is feeling already with all they gave up to get him, the excitement that he brings to Washington, D.C. But I would have loved for them to hold off on putting more pressure on him. The starter pressure, having to answer those questions, having to go into the second camp, third camp knowing that he’s in that position and what’s all on his shoulders. But we have to be honest: I don’t think anybody expected Rex Grossman to be the starter opening day. We knew [Griffin] was going to be that guy, they assembled a team around him that they feel can win right now, and so why hesitate? Why hold off for any amount of time? Let’s throw him in there, let’s let his teammates know that he’s going to be the guy and let’s rally around him.”

 He went from  “they should have waited a bit longer” to “why hold off for any amount of time” in one statement. Quickest flip-flop ever?

 Team veterans Brian Orakpo and Anthony Armstrong told Mike Jones that they’re cool with the announcement, and I think we all want to be as far away from the ridiculousness of last season’s quarterback drama as possible.

 Warner went on to talk about the pressure Shanahan’s announcement puts on RGIII and the team.

“This leaves little wiggle room at this point. You have franchised everything to get this guy, you have made the moves in the offseason, you have a tough schedule. Everyone believes that even if he’s not the best snap-in, snap-out on day one that he gives them the best opportunity to win because of the way that he plays the game. That’s why coach [Mike] Shanahan made this decision: he knew regardless of how it played out that he wanted this guy in there day one building, learning, growing together with his teammates in the hopes that even if it isn’t game one, game two or game three, by the time they get to mid-season they can be competitive with everybody else in the league.”

Hey, no pressure no diamonds. Right?