“After the game Kyle Shanahan followed the refs as they were going into their locker room and had some choice words,” NBC Washington’s Dan Hellie reported

“Per a source that saw/heard it, Kyle Shanahan chased a official down underneath & said ‘You have No [bleeping bleeps], you r a [bleeping bleep],’ ” ESPN 980 reported, using more specific language than that.

“We have no control over any media outlet in this area,” Redskins spokesman Tony Wyllie told Pro Football Talk when asked about that tweet by the team’s flagship radio station. “They report what they want to report. Specifically, we’re not responding to that report.”

Mike Jones has a full accounting of the late-game unsportsmanlike conduct call that apparently went against the younger Shanahan, or at least, as full accounting as is possible as long as he is declining to speak to reporters.

But the most interesting thing I’ve seen on this whole matter came from Comcast SportsNet’s Sunday evening news shows. That station typically has a camera person stationed not far from the Redskins locker room after home games. The shot of Skins players and coaches walking up the tunnel and back to the locker room usually leads CSN’s post-game show, win or lose.

This week, that camera person got footage of Kyle Shanahan jogging after the officials. He appeared to speak to at least one official, then gestured angrily as he walked away. I’m assuming these were the “choice words” to which Hellie referred.

Many more images below.