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LaRon Landry: ‘I don’t respect Shanahan’

(Nick Wass/AP)

He spent some time in the days following his departure making his feelings clear through the tweets of his supporters. But as all breakups go, the first few days are the worst, and when he landed with the Jets, we considered it bygones.

Landry did not, and he took the opportunity last week to trash talk the Redskins coaching staff, including Mike Shanahan. From the New York Daily News:

“That’s why they have great doctors and they have okay doctors, great trainers and okay trainers,” Landry said. “(The Redskins) had people who just had the job title, but not the passion for their job. . . . I don’t respect the training staff at all. I don’t respect the coaches over there. I don’t respect (Shanahan). I do respect Coach (Joe) Gibbs, who brought me there, and Coach Gregg Williams. I respect that 2007 organization. After 2007. . . nonexistent.”

He forgot the secretaries, the locker room attendants and the guy at the front gate. Everything stunk in Washington for poor LaRon Landry.

Landry’s attitude is clearly something he’s proud of.

“People ask why do I play the way I do?” Landry told the Daily News. “It’s been a long time coming for me, man. I’ve been dealing with this [stuff] for two years. So it’s only right when I have the opportunity to play and give it all I got. . . . Why not?”

Sunday’s game in Pittsburgh offered some evidence as to why not. Landry was flagged penalties for a late hit and a horse collar tackle, and both penalties led to first downs — and ultimately touchdowns — for the Steelers.

Jets Coach Rex Ryan told the Bergen Record that, while he loves Landry’s aggressive style, he has to follow the rules. Landry said he isn’t changing.

“I’m going to continue to play the way I play,” Landry told the Record. “I have to critique myself and try not to put myself in a position like that again. . . . I have to get a little smarter and use the right judgment.”

Stay tuned for next season’s story on why LaRon Landry doesn’t respect the Rex Ryan.

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