“I’ll leave that up to coach Shanahan, the training staff and let them see what they think,” he said.

When LaRon Landry was asked whether he’d return to the field against the Cowboys next week, he was less vague.

“Of course,” he told Brian Mitchell’s show, B-Mitch Live. “Of course. I’m looking forward to playing next week.”

The interview was conducted in the FedEx Field locker room after the Redskins moved to 2-0, and Landry seemed to be particularly chipper.

“Man, you know, as of right now I’m feeling great,” he said. “Actually, I’m starving. Kind of eager to get back out there. It’s about that time. It’s long overdue. I just can’t wait. I’m just excited; going into the third week, we’re 2-0 now, I’m just happy right now....I’m just ready to do anything to contribute to the team.”

And in case BMitchLive isn’t good enough for you, Brian Murphy wrote this on Twitter Sunday morning:

Just walked into the stadium w/ LaRon Landry. Asked him if he's playing today. He said, “No, but I'm back next week for sure. For Sure.”

Also, as previously mentioned, Landry seems to be in ok shape still.