* After someone asked Landry about his weight on Twitter, the safety responded that he weights “223 solid.”

“Haters talking 240 lbs bs!!!” he also wrote. “They don’t know always assumptions.”

* Landry also noticed the attention his pictures were gaining, which included a front-page headline on Yahoo.com.

“Damn more men on my timeline than anything...didn’t know there parents raised them as females to hate/criticize another mans perfection.”

* And Landry also heard of people suggesting the photos were photoshopped and/or aided by substances.

“Thanks for the early morn motivation...from all the non believers/critics...when did they matter!!! Feeling blessed” he wrote. ”Damn ppl saying I'm photoshopped??? I’m on this/that,” he later added. “I’ll learn y’all or sell the ‘PATENT’ ”

* A member of Landry’s training team posted this video of the gym he’s been working at, with this narration:

“For all the haters, I’m walking in a gym. A gymnasium where you work hard and you get it. You grind, it pays off, you get it. As you can see, we’re in a gym. We’re in a gym. We’re in a gym. 30’s over there grinding. We’re in a gym. There is no photoshop equipment anywhere in here. Again, the only thing in here, is grind and determination.”

* Meanwhile, Chad Ochocinco also noticed the photos on Twitter.

“He just got out of jail?” Ochocinco asked.

“Man i'm lifting weights with you this offseason, dead ass serious bruh,” he later wrote to Landry.