Obviously much of this is written in Twitter shorthand, but here’s the dialog. Go to Landry’s feed if you want to see it all.

Fan: we need answers...as a Skins fan, i feel im owed an explanation as to why u feel like its ok to go the same route as David Boston

Landry: lol not in my veins fam... Stay blessed

Fan: cool. well we’ll see come august. we dont need you tearing a bicep when you go to wrap tackle.

Landry: if u wanna get real homie we can put it on the table-talk about it!!! Nvr know at goes on behind the scenes but I’m blessed-ready

Landry: if it comes to that I persevere thru it!!! Don't forget achillies got like that bc I shot it up to play for y’all balee that

Fan: i watch every game, son. i remember. the fans concerned tho. pics surface of you muscled up beyond belief and it seems kinda off

Landry: u right I’m 218 no fat boss I just grind F sleep I can’t bc the thought of failure can’t do it!!! Respect tho homie

Fan: i’m not entirely sure what you’re saying, but my only point is we need you healthy more now that ever with Otogwe gone.

Landry: u know exactly wt I’m saying... Don’t lie to urself boss

Fan: the finer points of your syntax elude me sometimes.

Landry: respect

Landry: water getting to deep I know-get out ur doing right!!!

Fan: all im tryna figure out is if you think its safe to carry around a DE’s worth of muscle playing the saftey position. thats all

Landry: DE 218lbs.. .cmon man I’m done Lil bro do research or learn about the game!!! Lots of athletes are gifted only a few are SPECIAL!!!

Fan: yea u 218... but you gonna break down in the open field looking like this? what about ya hip swivel?

Landry: great art work of hard work you should try it clown instead of sitting on the couch criticizing- u lame Otta here!! Yyyeerrr

Fan: this aint about my workouts, bro. i’m doing fine. i just need know you wont resemble a ‘roided up body builder come Kickoff 2012

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(Via @BallHogsRadio)