When you hire someone from a basketball icon’s coaching tree, the icon is sort of part of the package.

So it was no surprise to learn that Larry Brown spent two days with Mark Turgeon at Maryland basketball practices last week, offering suggestions to Turgeon during the second day. The school posted the above video of Brown’s visit with an interview; some highlights:

“There’s so many things that go into being a good coach, and Mark, I think, has got the total package. But it’s what you do in practice, it’s the preparation every single day, trying to coach your players up, that I really think makes mark great. Everything that they might encounter in the game, I think Mark prepares them for those situations in practice.”

“He’s won everywhere he’s been. It hasn’t always been easy, he’s always had to overcome a lot of challenges. But I think the people here, what they can count on is they’ll have a team that’ll execute down the stretch, that’ll try to defend every possession, that’ll play unselfish, they’ll have good character kids and people will recognize they’re getting better on a daily basis. And it’s not an accident. It’s because the guy has a real gift to teach.”

“I’m excited. You know, I grew up in the ACC, being at Carolina, coaching there, playing for unbelievable people. I know how good this conference is. But I’ve always felt Maryland was just a special place, and I think they’ve got a special coach.”

(Via @Jakob_Engelke)