(Tadaomi Shibuya)

Sure, he also used some “RGIII” references, but without counting, it seemed to me like “Robert” was the most frequent moniker.

Well, Michael was on ESPN 980’s Sports Reporters recently, and he confirmed that “Robert” will likely be his standby name, at least initially.

“I guess after a touchdown you’ve got to say RGIII, but you can’t say RGIII every time he drops back, for crying out loud,” Michael said. “I’m gonna start him out at Robert — I might slide into Rob — but RGIII is so catchy, you’ve got to use that. And I asked him, too, does he like it, and he’s like yeah, I kind of like it, I [kind of] don’t like it.”

Rob? Isn’t that sort of Umenyiora territory?

“I called him Rob the other day,” Michael said. “If I talk to the people from Baylor — they’ve been calling quite a bit — they call him Rob. ”

Indeed, this Baylor fan forum notes that Voice of the Bears John Morris “regularly called him Rob Griffin” during the college years.

Of course, we could avoid all the drama by merely referring to Griffin in the same way we’d refer to most athletes, by his last name, but maybe Redskins quarterbacks are exempt from that protocol.

(The image, by the way, is from the cover of Wednesday’s NFL Preview section, which you should buy at newsstands yesterday.)

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