DeAngelo Hall is fast, but is he fast enough to beat an Olympian in a race? (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

I may have been wrong in my initial assessment. Merritt says it was a valid challenge.

“We were at his agent’s pool party, I just came off my Olympic Gold, he was one of the fastest people in the league at the time, and from athlete to athlete it was a challenge,” Merritt explained to Fast Life Show in a recent interview.

The story sparked a debate over whether this would be a close race. Hall is still quick, but he’s not the fastest guy in the league any more and Merritt is currently training for the upcoming Olympics. It’s safe to say that pride might prevent Hall from following through on his offer.

Merritt, however, is ready.

“I’m definitely down for the challenge; it will bring some light to the sport,” Merritt said. “The football players always think they can beat the track players, and then you have the track athletes who think they can beat the football guys.”

You can add me to list of people who would love to see this actually happen. Merritt is on that list and thinks it could make a great charity event.

“I train to do this, I would want it to be a little bit longer, maybe not a 40 or a 60, maybe a 100,” Merritt said. “I think it will be fun.”

Oh, it would definitely be fun.

By my count the challenge has been posed and accepted. Your move, DeAngelo Hall.


Hall said he could beat Olympian in a race.