(Jonathan Newton/WASHINGTON POST)

Today we learn which book Royster is embarrassed to admit he read and why his last dream was so weird.

Here we go...

Evan Royster, what was the last...

Movie you saw

The Avengers.

Book you read

Hunger Games. Embarrassing.

Thing you cooked

Tilapia, pesto pasta.

Last vacation you went on

Philadelphia. That’s not really a vacation, though.

Item of clothing you bought


Dream you had

Game of Thrones. I was fighting White Walkers.

Person you texted

My girlfriend.

Thing you took a picture of

My dog.

Time you bled

Trent stepped on my shin a week ago.

Fast food restaurant you visited


Beer you drank

Bud Light on the golf course.

Tattoo you got

“Corinthians 15:10” on my arms.