(Cliff Owen/AP)

I caught up with LeRibeus after practice a couple of weeks ago for a round of Last Thing. The big guy was willing to admit that a good animated movie makes him reach for the tissues.

Josh LeRibeus, what was the last…

Movie you saw
I just got finished seeing Men In Black III.

Book you read
“Cosmos” by [Carl] Sagan.

Thing you cooked
Chicken alfredo for my girlfriend.

Vacation you took.

New York, three weekends ago.

Song you downloaded
It was by Phoenix. It was called “Lisztomania.”

Item of clothing you bought

A Redskins Dri-FIT.

[I asked him why he had to buy Redskins gear and he replied, “They said I don’t really get anything until training camp. I wanted to make sure I had something.”]

Dream you had
The last one I can remember, I had a buddy who jumped off a tall building into one of those fireman deals [trampoline].

Person who made you laugh
My girlfriend.

Person you texted
My girlfriend.

Thing you took a picture of
My girlfriend.

Time you cried
No comment. No, to be honest? It was probably Toy Story 3. That’s a great movie.

Fast food restaurant you visited

Beer you drank
Samuel Adams on draft day.