Here are the rest of his Last Things. Getting some of his singing on video by season’s end is now on the To Do list.

Niles Paul, what was the last…

Movie you saw
“The Lorax.” I watch all types of movies. I know it’s Dr. Seuss, but it wasn’t as exciting as I was hoping it would be.

Book you read
“Catching Fire” from The Hunger Games.

Thing you cooked
Crab legs a couple weeks back.

Song you sang out loud
“Amazing” by Tank. [He told me he was singing this in the car on Tuesday night. Here’s the song; now picture Paul belting it out at a stop light.]

Vacation you went on
Mardi Gras.

Dream you had
I had a dream I took some girl on a date. It was clearly cuffing season. [The date] went well. It was one of my sister’s friends, too. I didn’t tell her that.

Person who made you laugh
Doug Worthington just made me laugh at the special teams meetings. [I usually ask specifics and the specifics are usually not suitable for print, as was the case here. As Paul put it, “Oh, we got lots of stories.”]

Thing you took a picture of
My little basketball hoop that I just put up in the house.

Time you cried
My senior year in college when I broke my foot.

Time you bled
Probably Sunday.

Website you visited

Tattoo you got
I’m working on a sleeve on my arm. It’s the city of Omaha. It’s still in progress.


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