I chatted with Detwiler last week, so of course some things on this list may have changed. I’m willing to bet the last thing he cooked is still the same, though.

Ross Detwiler, what was the last…

Movie you saw

Book you read
I’m actually reading one right now. “Seal Team 6.”

Thing you cooked
Easy Mac.

Song you downloaded
The new album by Dark New Day.

Vacation you went on
I guess two years ago I went to Jamaica.

Dream you had
I forget dreams pretty quick. I have no idea.

Person who made you laugh

Thing you took a picture of
An Ian Desmond 76 jersey.

Time you bled
Today. I have a little scab on my knee from sliding that breaks open every time I move.

Beer you drank
Bud Light.

Tattoo you got
A cross I got in 2008.

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